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Innovation management

The innovation management that I propose allows companies and communities to turn their ideas into products and services. Our advice ensures the strategic direction of complex projects in services, mobility, the Internet of Things and cybersecurity for businesses and communities.

With our advice aligned with your strategic choices and through the allocation of resources and finances, I optimize your investments, streamline your expenses and put my areas of expertise at the service of the success of your projects.

Why use a consultant for innovation management?

The brakes on corporate innovation are called fear of failure, lack of perspective and internal power struggles.
The management of innovation by an external expert allows managers to meet these three challenges while working for growth and competitiveness in increasingly competitive markets.

It’s about lifting the brakes on innovation that are :

  • the doubt that reinforces all the actors in their comfort zone.
  • risk aversion, especially when one is not sure of the ROI of the process.
  • managers who feel threatened and are afraid of failing and being punished.
  • finally, few employees dare to think that their ideas are innovative.

As a board member, you are in search of an expert to steer a complex project, correct a situation of concern or temporarily strengthen a team, I intervene with the directorates in the following fields:

  • Pay TV in France and emerging countries
  • Telecommunications – IoT by integrating security issues.
  • Digital services with e-commerce and electronic banking technologies.

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Consultancy to local authorities

In these times of strong budget constraints, I accompany local elected officials and their financial directors to find room for maneuver on both the operation and investment. All Public institution of intercommunal cooperation can benefit from my expertise and know-how. These are:

  • Districts and City Hall.
  • Departments.
  • Regions

Having acquired recognized expertise in the process of renegotiating toxic loans, you can count on both the reliability of a rapid diagnosis and the speed with which solutions are implemented that give your community the room to maneuver it has. need.

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Consultancy to the board member

Contributions from local authorities and EPCIs either stagnate or are reduced while compliance with standards leads to ever increasing costs. Elected representatives need to optimize your expenses and rationalize investments. Are concerned :

  • Mixed transport unions with the energy transition and the integration of new digital services (ICT).
  • Household garbage syndicates or Information and Communication Technologies.

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M. Olivier SEGBO
Management Général [ESSEC] Master Électronique & Automatique [Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI] Finances Publiques – Evaluation des Politiques Publiques [SciencesPo Paris]

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