innovation with coneb and kryptsys

innovation with a network of partners

We provide a innovation for creative value, available in France and internationally, with partners in trusted networks such as CONEB and PUZZLE.

Accelerating innovation, an offer of accompaniment for sme / smi


You are in new technologies, mobility and services.

Your market is changing. Your gross operating surplus (EBITDA) declines despite a larger personal investment. Your sales cover less and less your expenses.

It is time to meet for a diagnosis of your business model, your market and what you bring as a solution to the needs of your customers in this market.

In two days, we can, together, identify what has changed around you, how much your business is impacted, and finally the steps you can take to turn the tide and reposition your business as a leader in your market segment.

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Kryptsys innovates internationally

innovation with coneb and kryptsys

Innovation also affects the way of doing business internationally.
The export of technologies and know-how acquired on the domestic market is a source of value creation. This is why KRYPTSYS and CONEB have signed a partnership agreement for a permanent delegation in France.

The National Confederation of Employers of Benin (CONEB) brings together nearly 500 companies, small and medium, all sectors.
They are looking for industrial, technological and financial partners to transform raw materials locally into finished or semi-finished products.
Kryptsys’ mission is to identify potential partners, to ensure that the Beninese company to put in front is able to comply with international management standards and facilitate contact. We want to provide the guarantee of a reliable partner, help the parties to save time and reduce uncertainties in partnership relations.
If you are a French company or entrepreneur of the Beninese diaspora in France and looking for a partner to deploy in Benin,[button color=” blue” size=”small ” open_in_new_window=”no” link=”” icon=””]Contact us![/button]

Innovation with Puzzle, together within a network of entrepreneurs

In 2018, KRYPTSYS joined Puzzle, a network of entrepreneurs based in Essonne.

innovation puzzle kryptsys
This association was born in 2006 from the will of a group of business leaders committed to build a strong economic network, based on common values such as trust, generosity, integrity, sharing and respect. It has 30 members.

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Train your employees in digital marketing

Our current training program gives your employees and your business the tools to convert more leads and win customers online.

innovation formation ecommerce
Photo by from Pexels

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