L'angélisme attentat sécurité

The idealism has fizzled: a lesson of the attacks?

Which means and resources do they work?

The idealism of our democracies will finally does end, learning from attacks in Europe? Indeed, terrorists travel, equip themselves with means of communication, are training, buy explosives, find and rent hideouts, navigate through the maze of European capitals as they are the most wanted criminals of the time … Because after crying, flowers, minutes of silence, concerts …. I think it is time for policy and our democracies to take drastic measures against the financing of terrorist organizations.

Some steps to end a otherworldliness

In case they fail inspiration and especially if they want to break the logistics of terrorist networks, here are some steps that have proven themselves in similar situations.

Punish traffic, all traffics

The first funding sources come from neither the sale of illegal products (hashish, cocaine, …) or mafia networks and certainly not terrorist states.
They come from proceeds from the sale of innocuous consumables and daily (perfume, razors, watches, cigarettes, …) from burglaries and thefts in warehouses, counterfeit or smuggled.
The networks that distribute are diffuse, family or ethnic that under harmless appearances, arm and help terrorist organizations.

But our laws punish little or not at all, these “minor offenses networks” that gradually are structured, settle and plague neighborhoods of our capitals and cities to suburbs.

Stop buying social peace

When children turn their social housing or that of their relatives to nurse, it would be the duty of social landlords and the prefect ordered the expulsion of ALL the family and deny them access to the territory.
Indeed, ignore the self-segregation that prevailed in all European capitals where entire neighborhoods are “entrusted” in management to communities is a serious mistake which we are paying the price today. Come on in some neighborhoods of Paris, …, the scenery is the price of metro ticket, as in Molenbeek in Belgium.

Allow local authorities to seek civil redress.

Drug trafficking consequence management by local authorities has a cost. Mediators, facilitators of prevention, prevention, fight against addictions, …., all these programs weigh on the budgets of communities, municipalities, regional health and social security.
The penalty will act … because as our prisons are overcrowded, judges are reluctant rightly, there to return a trafficker for a few grams of seized illegal products. It is also not uncommon for dealers to be release this within hours of their arrest and trial, undermining the morale of the police who are devoted months of investigations and people who renounce co-operate.
For this, it will be useful as studies of impact and cost are undertaken to reduce these burdens on society and know the weight of seized drugs on public policies and that communities require repayment in civil court from all dealers, including small traders.

Ineffective deprivation of nationality

I hope not to be alone to bear this speech. Because after recollection, go from observation to concrete actions … They will be much more effective than the illusory deprivation of nationality is a misery cache to reassure the people but without any impact on preventing attacks.

I take this analysis of my experience security expert who has provided leadership for the protection of TPS content for ten years of my responsibilities to local elected since 2008 and my entrepreneurial activity with kryptoow Telecom (www.kryptoow.com).

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